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PR Consulting Firm MBC

Comprehensive Public Relations Support (Marketing PR, Cooperative PR and IR Support, Public Affairs, PR Research Consulting and Government Relations)

Even if you have a television centered public relations strategy, you cannot ignore the importance and effectiveness of other forms of media. MBC’s Comprehensive PR strategy is offer combining print, internet to make the most effective menu for our clients The concept of this service is to combine a strong marketing policy, teamwork, plain and simple hardwork, and an original, customized and creative PR strategy with a strong ‘push’ PR with a high ROI marketing strategy to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Crisis Management

Many of MBC’s staff have participated in gathering information for television, and we are famous for being the company that knows the best and worst of television. Up until recently, in the event of a corporate scandal, there are a lot of staff members who are good at dealing with the ‘painful’ parts of television programs. But when you compare the crisis management capability of MBC to other companies, MBC has the reputation being best at dealing with television news programs in times of crisis. MBC’s strength is 120% of those other companies; we are the best at protecting clients from bad publicity, 24 hours a day. Moreover, our staff has, obviously, a long history of working with weekly magazines and newspapers. So, you can have confidence in MBC.

Media Training

In recent years, the number of Japanese and foreign corporations that have suffered damage from bad publicity, and have had to retreat from the market, as a result is rising, this is because a characteristic of Japanese mass media, which is not widely known, is to operate with disreputable news organizations. The result of this is that many companies have to deal with a public backlash. For foreign companies new to Japanese markets, MBC can teach your management how to relate to that Japanese media. For the companies that unfamiliar with the Japanese media, this will help you leave a good impression with the Japanese public.

Television Only PR

This option is for those companies who want to target television as their only PR medium. The main difference between this option and a retainer contract is 1) we completely ignore all print media and promote your product, service, and/or company on several television programs for a selected period of time. 2) The average PR company usually asks for a retainer fee of 1~1.5 million yen, we reduce this to less than 10% of this and use it in a cost effective manner.

We will ask for a sample of the item, person, company and/or service that you wish to promote, and with it, we will promote it on as many television programs as possible. After you chose which programs you wish your product to be promoted on, we will start to advertise your company, service, item and/or person on these programs. Moreover, with our “Television PR Support Service”, we will only charge what it costs us to promote your company, and since this is a result based service, if your product is not advertised on television, we won’t ask for more than cost.

Print Media Only PR Service

Even clients who haven’t signed a long term contract with MBC can use this service. This is a completely results based service that uses newspapers, magazines (print media) along with internet news sites and other forms of web-based media. Our company deals directly with the media, so there is no need to issue a press release. (But for those clients who need a press release, see “Press Release Service” below.) The length of the contract is 3 to 6 months, depending on the needs of the client.

Press Release Service

The way that MBC sends out press releases is to communicate directly with members of the mass media. Most members of the media do not look carefully at press releases issued by PR companies, because of the conformity of the language. Unless they are familiar with the company that is issuing the press release, and the company is one they can trust, they don’t really look at the press release. In Japanese market media relations, the negotiations after the press release is issued are very important to the analog reporters to the success of a product. With this service, your press release will be paired with an experienced and cordial PR manager and this will produce an effective, efficient press release. With this it is also possible to offer an effective and face to face relationship with the mass media.

Press Conferences and Events

In Tokyo, there is a press conference almost every day now. For the company that is not used to dealing with Japanese press conferences and other press events, there is a tendency to think “If we have a press event, then the mass media and the press will come to it.” But this is a mistake, unfortunately, organizing a press conference or event and getting members of the press and mass media to attend it is a very difficult and complicated process. There are cases of press conferences being held and there are is no press there, much to the embarrassment of the companies who held them.

Because our company handles press conferences for our retainer corporate clients more warmly but decisively than usual, our press events usually have a great number of reporters and other members of the press. The most difficult of our services is attracting professional journalists and reporters to our clients’ press events, whether this handled internally or is outsourced, it is very important that is successful.

If you are considering the timing of entering the Japanese markets, and are considering when to hold a press conference or press event for the mass media, then give Media Bridge Consulting a call. Our well experienced staff will do all they can to making your press event a success!

SEO/SEM Japanese Domestic Search Engine Strategy

When you type in the keyword `PR Firm` into any Japanese search engine, MBC is the first company in the list of search results. Our company‘s SEO know-how allows us to do the same for our clients that are interested in using Japanese domestic search engines to promote themselves. We can use SEO and SEM formats to help support your company in the Japanese market.

Specialized PR/Personal Management

 At MBC, we don’t stop at just corporate and group PR support; we can also do specialized and personal PR support for clients such as athletes, corporate managers, members of the medical industry, cultural attachés, singers, and actors/actresses. We are a company that is accomplished a great deal in the world of television media relations. We have attained a place as the `Top Runner` in the areas of promotion within Japanese markets, management and support, and publishing and lecture production. Because of this, we have a well known and well-regarded `personal brand`.