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PR Consulting Firm MBC

PR Consulting Firm MBC

Company name: Media Bridge Consulting Co., Ltd.

Established: 2002

Sales: 120 million yen(March, 2008)

Directors: Representative Director: Masashi Yoshiike

Director: Takashi Murakami

Director: Yasuji Kawashima

Dealings bank: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Shinbashi Branch

Address: Ginza Form 21 building 8F 8-18-4 Ginza, Chou-ku Tokyo 104-0061 Japan


FAX: +81-3-6228-4106


Members of: The Japanese Public Relations Society, the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Association for Corporate Support of the Arts Japan

Cooperation Enterprises: TV Production Companies, Broadcast Writers, Research Companies, Advertising Agencies, PR Companies, Casting Company, Theatrical Agencies, Consultants, Lawyers, Patent Lawyer, Licensed Tax Accountant, Accountant, Public Consultants on Social and Labor Insurance, and Administrative Secretaries, etc