Introduction of how to get PR in Japan

Need PR(Public Relations) in Japan? Welcome to Media Bridge Consulting! MBC is a Japanese public relations company that has its strength in dealing with television networks to control the type of poor public relations we have seen in the television media recently.

We have many corporate clients (such as your company.) We help clients get a foothold in Japanese markets and get (and keep) a share of the market by offering a variety of public relations strategies.

Our ‘Television Centered/Cross-Media Approach` is the best way into the medium that best suits your company’s needs, as well as reaching a large number of Japanese consumers-that medium is television. By making television our focus, while also utilizing other mediums-such as print and the Internet, we will help you broaden your presence in the Japanese marketplace, leading to a high return on investment (ROI.)

A lot of companies will say ` The Japanese marketplace has matured too much` `Japanese culture is so different than the United States and Europe, or even other Asian nations` ` The Japanese market is too difficult to get into.` But for foreign companies looking to make Japanese consumers their primary targets, the ‘Cross-Media Approach,’ as offered by MBC is always the `Best in Class` solution- even in the day of `Impotent Global Advertising.

MBC’s PR services are not just available on a long-term contractual basis, for those clients who wish to see quick results; we also offer the same services on a short term basis. The average Japanese PR company will say `We’re better with print media than with television,’ but MBC can approach the dynamic medium of television and allow your company to enter the Japanese marketplace from afar. For the foreign company trying to enter the difficult and complicated Japanese markets, MBC promises to be a constant and reassuring partner.

Of course, television is not our only strength. MBC combines `old fashioned` marketing mediums of television, radio and print with internet promotion through websites, social networking services, web blogs, email magazines and mobile phone communication based advertising. With this blend of old and new techniques, MBC will strengthen your company’s brand recognition, which will help bring in customers.

Moreover, MBC’s president Masashi Yoshiike, is a former production director for the Japanese Broadcasting Company (NHK.) Through this relationship with NHK, Mr Yoshiike has good connections to many other networks in Japan. Because of this relationship, when it comes to PR companies that specialize in television public relations, MBC is without question the best in the business.

If you wish to have the best approach to television based public relations and the best comprehensive communication solutions, please give us a call and see what Media Bridge Consulting can do for you and your company!

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